A passion for flight

AEROSVILUPPI is not a casual choice, but the logical development of years of passion for aviation.
The activity is informally started in 1976 by a small group of professionals employed in main aviation companies.

Driven by their passion and led by Giuseppe Blini, they decide to use their experience to promote and develop the aircraft homebuilding movement, then in its infancy in Italy.

Soon the activity, initially conceived without commercial objectives, leads to the opportunity to enter the aviation industrial world.


The starting point is in 1980, when AEROSVILUPPI is founded by Alessandro Mainini in Samarate (Varese).
The subsequent steady growth brings new opportunities in the aviation industry field. Manufacturing includes structural components, light aircraft prototypes, special machinery and racing car parts.

In 1985 the motorglider AS-10 is completed and successfully test flown. The aircraft is an all metal single seater that will eventually be supplied in kit form in about 20 units.

The activity in the light aircraft field continues with the manufacturing of additional prototypes, airframes for an advanced acrobatic plane, design and manufacturing of various powerplant installations. Gradually, the main activity is drawn towards the major aviation industry of the area.

In 1995 AEROSVILUPPI changes its company status becoming AEROSVILUPPI S.r.l. The infusion of new energies and technical knowledge leads to further developments: in a few years the company becomes an appreciated supplier of various major Italian aerospace companies.

In 1997 the company moves to the present facilities in Lonate Pozzolo. The appreciation by the customer becomes the company main driver.

In 2013 AEROSVILUPPI has about 60 employees.
AS-10 1985
Electro-avionic systems integration rig 2005
Mechanical / Structural shop 2013

Historical photos

Giuseppe Mainini 1939
Bensen Gyroglider
B-8 1970
Evans VP-1 1972
Leone T-7 1984
CH-250 1986
RV-6 2012